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I received Ph.D. degree in computer sciences and technology from Tsinghua University in July 2019, under the supervision of Prof. Fuchun Sun. During my doctoral study, I visited MM Lab of the University of Sydney as a joint Ph.D. student with the support of CSC Scholarship. My research interests include: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, Computer Vision, BCI and Robot.

Work Experience

Now, I am CEO of deepAI Technology Co., Ltd, where primary focus is on developing business applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLM).

Before this, my previous works experience are as follows:

  • Senior algorithm researcher at Tencent in 2019-2022.
  • Leader of technical department at Ztgt & TDRH in 2015.
  • Senior research & develop engineer at Baidu.com in 2013-2014.
  • Senior research & develop engineer at Renmin Search Company (renamed to China Search) in 2012-2013.

Selected Publications

  • (ICCV 2021) Meta Gradient Adversarial Attack.
  • (T-IP) Cross-Modal Knowledge Adaptation for Language-Based Person Search.
  • (T-CSVT) Show, tell and summarize: Dense video captioning using visual cue aided sentence summarization.
  • (T-IP) Feature pyramid reconfiguration with consistent loss for object detection.
  • (ICASSP 2019) Attention based Transfer Learning for Brain Computer Interface.
  • (IJARS) Autoencoder-based transfer learning in brain–computer interface for rehabilitation robot.
  • (ICANN 2018) A Survey on Deep Transfer Learning.
  • (T-FS) LDS-FCM: A linear dynamical system based fuzzy C-means method for tactile recognition.
  • (T-CSDS) Fused Fuzzy Petri Nets: A Shared Control Method for Brain–Computer Interface Systems.
  • (ICASSP 2018) Deep Transfer Learning for EEG-based Brain Computer Interface.
  • (ICONIP 2017) Multimodal Classification with Deep Convolutional-Recurrent Neural Networks for Electroencephalography. (Best Student Paper Award)

Academic Services

  • Program Committee:
    • IEEE-CYBER 2018, ICANN 2019, ICONIP 2019, ICONIP 2021
  • Reviewer:
    • Journal: Nature Communications, IEEE RA-L, IEEE T-II, IJARS, IJ-BHI, JCAS, JJCIT, KAIS, Neurocomputing, IEEE Access